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Over the past few months, we have constantly heard or read news of artificial intelligence’s dominance. Going by all the reports, it’s evident that AI is here to stay. Its influence spans various fields, from education to professional sectors. Particularly in technical activities, AI has taken the world by storm. As AI continues to capture people’s attention, it has now made its way into a mobile application designed to save users valuable time dealing with spam and unwanted calls. Intrigued? We’re talking about a new launch by Truecaller, that will act as a personal assistant by attending to peoples’ calls and tackling spams.

Truecaller recently launched its innovative product called Truecaller Assistant in India, which leverages machine learning along with cloud telephony to screen calls. The service is presently available for Android users and works in Hindi, English, and ‘Hinglish’ languages.

How Does Truecaller Assistant Work?

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Truecaller Assistant is basically a customisable, interactive, digital receptionist that answers the calls for users on their phones and also helps to avoid unwanted callers. After receiving a call, the assistant will respond quickly and understand the caller with high accuracy.

A live transcription of what the caller is saying will be shown to the users, following which they can decide if they want to take over the call, ask the caller for more information with just a tap or mark it as spam.

More About Truecaller Assistant

Truecaller Assistant, which will be available just for Android users, will come on a free trial basis for 14 days, following which users can purchase it as a part of their premium assistant plan which starts from Rs 149 per month.

The service was initially launched in the US and Australia, among other additional markets. It is expected to be launched in more countries with language options.

For users in India, the service is presently available in three languages, providing a range of options, including personalised assistants with various accents and intonations, in different styles. This service was launched just a month after Truecaller reintroduced the call recording feature.

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