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New Delhi: Google has announced that it is testing a new feature in Meet, which allows users to create background images with artificial intelligence (AI). The feature is in testing under Workspace Labs, which is a trusted tester program for users to try new AI features by invitation, the company said on a support page.

The Workspace Labs program is currently available to trusted testers in US English. The new ‘Generate a background’ feature is available in Meet for the desktop.

The tech giant also mentioned that generated images are for use only within Google Meet. “Workspace Labs generated images are designed to bring your imagination to life in Meet, and may not represent real-world situations,” it explained.

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The company also warned to not provide any personal, confidential, or sensitive information while using the feature. To use the new feature, users have to open and select a meeting.

Then at the bottom right of the self-view, click Apply visual effects> Generate a background. There, users will be able to enter a prompt. For example, “Luxurious living room interior” or “A magical sunny forest glade.”

Moreover, users will be able to create an AI-generated background image during a meeting. Last month, the tech giant introduced a new quick action for Meet on Web, which allows users to easily access popular features.

By hovering the mouse on top of their own video feed, users can access video effects such as immersive backgrounds or fun filters to bring more fun to their meetings and a reframing option to improve their visibility.

Users can also turn off the video feed from other participants using the quick action on their video. This can be helpful when users want to focus their meeting view on just the presenter or hide participants with distracting video feeds.

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