OpenAI, Google, Others Pledge To Watermark AI Content For Safety, White House Remarks | AdeemSoft

New Delhi: Top AI companies including OpenAI, Alphabet (GOOGL.O) and Meta Platforms (META.O) have made voluntary commitments to the White House to implement measures such as watermarking AI-generated content to help make the technology safer, the Biden administration said. The companies – which also include Anthropic, Inflection, (AMZN.O) and OpenAI partner Microsoft (MSFT.O) – pledged to thoroughly test systems before releasing them … Read more

BIG Breaking! Google’s AI Tool To Revolutionize Journalism? Here’s What Google Is Planning | AdeemSoft

New Delhi: Google is reportedly in touch with journalists at prominent media houses to help them write news stories via its artificial intelligence (AI) model that can churn out proper articles. The New York Times reported that Google has held discussions over the new AI tool with The Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal-owner News Corp, … Read more

Meet Venky Harinarayan and Anand Rajaraman, Indians Who Almost Acquired Google Twice | AdeemSoft

Had it not been for shortage of funds, Google could have been an Indian-owned company today. Yes, you read it right. The story dates back to 1996. According to reports, Meet Venky Harinarayan and Anand Rajaraman were pursuing their PhDs in Computer Science at Stanford University in 1996. While studying, they launched their first company … Read more

Google Meet To Soon Let Users Create AI-Generated Background Images | AdeemSoft

New Delhi: Google has announced that it is testing a new feature in Meet, which allows users to create background images with artificial intelligence (AI). The feature is in testing under Workspace Labs, which is a trusted tester program for users to try new AI features by invitation, the company said on a support page. … Read more