How Sketching Birds Changes the Way You See Them | AdeemSoft

Throughout the summer birding project, we have been encouraging new birders to try different ways to observe birds. Sketching is one way to deepen your observation skills. We asked a master illustrator, David Sibley, to share tips on how to draw, and we invited readers to share their attempts. Below is a selection of what … Read more

There’s a Birding Group for Everyone | AdeemSoft

This week’s challenge for new birders: Try joining a group for an outing, or go birding with at least one new person. Let us know how it goes by commenting here. And if you’re already part of a birding community, tell us about it. Did you meet friends — or even your spouse — through … Read more

On the Map, Nothing. On the Ground, a Hidden Maya City. | AdeemSoft

Armed with machetes and chain-saws, hacking through fallen trees and wading through dense scrub, the archaeologists cleared a path down rocky trails.At last, they reached their destination in Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula: a hidden city where pyramids and palaces rose above crowds over 1,000 years ago, with a ball court and terraces now buried and overgrown.Mexico’s … Read more

Tornado Tears Through Pfizer’s N.C. Site, Threatening Crucial Drug Supplies | AdeemSoft

A tornado caused extensive damage to a Pfizer drug manufacturing site in Rocky Mount, N.C., on Wednesday, threatening critical supplies for hospitals across the country.The company estimated that one-fourth of the injectable medications it supplies to U.S. hospitals were made at the Rocky Mount property, including drugs used during surgeries and other procedures to help … Read more

Signature Biden Program Won’t Fix Racial Gap in Air Quality, Study Suggests | AdeemSoft

A new analysis has found that the White House’s signature environmental justice program may not shrink racial disparities in who breathes the most polluted air, in part because of efforts to ensure that it could withstand legal challenges. The program, called Justice40, aims to address inequalities by directing 40 percent of the benefits from certain … Read more